HB & Associates Healthcare Consulting, LLC | Technology Planning and Forecasting

With over 30 years of professional experience, HB & Associates provides healthcare technology planning resources to optimize the integration of your project planning processes.

Our methodology encourages a strong customer relationship with organizational tools aimed at ensuring a positive outcome that focuses on functionality, technology and finance. Our mission is to assess, coordinate and integrate medical technologies with both your current and future design requirements to create an efficient, well-planned facility.

No two facilities are identical. All require unique solutions that are made more complex by ever changing technology. As an unbiased consultant, we provide your team with up-to-date technical information and technology assessments necessary for your staff to make informed decisions. Our team of clinicians, engineers and strategic business partners are committed to providing support from project inception through solution implementation.

We provide a systematic planning process inclusive of:

  • Existing Conditions Audits
  • Opportunities For Progress
  • Budget Development
  • Space Design Guidance
  • Technology Enhancement Strategies
  • Technology Planning
  • Procurement Assistance

We will assist the planning and design team with establishing equipment requirements, assessing economic impact and analyzing alternative funding sources to develop practical, cost-effective solutions. HB & Associates maintains no alliance with any medical equipment supplier or manufacturers; as such an arrangement could influence methodologies and recommendations. However, we do maintain a high level of communication with equipment vendors to maintain our database, technical library and knowledge base.

Our Medical Equipment Database is a sophisticated proprietary application that our planners use to make real-time updates during review meetings. All reports are published in Adobe’s Acrobat Portable Document Format or Microsoft Word, and companion Microsoft Excel worksheets are provided. Reports can be provided on disk, hardcopy, ftp site, or e-mail within 10 business days of each major review.

Our planning process results in fewer change-orders related to medical technology. The net result is an integrated facility where building and technology work to enhance the healing environment.